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- Sarah Jones, Mother of three


Parenting by Connection has shifted our dynamic at home in countless ways and I am enjoying richer and more fulfilling connections with my children.

& Resources

Current Classes and Services

Success in School Support Program

Have a connected entry into the school year with your children while you fill your own reserves to keep your family close.  This effective program provides you with support and insights for a full three months.​

Parenting by Connection Starter Classes (Six Weeks)

See our current schedule of Denver based in-person classes as well as on-line classes (available to an international community).

Upcoming Talks

See when and where public talks on Parenting by Connection are being held.

Sibling Rivalry

from Hand in Hand Parenting


A guide to understanding your child’s emotions and solving family problems.

Helping Children with Aggression

from Hand in Hand Parenting

Here are some guiding principles for understanding and relieving children's aggression.

Ending Power Struggles with Children

from Hand in Hand Parenting


How do we handle it when we get locked into a power struggle and also support our child's independence?

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